Idris Kahn: The Devil’s Wall.

24 Feb

 Idris Khan, The Devil’s Wall, 2011. Courtesy of Victoria Miro Gallery, London and Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York.

The Whitworth Art Gallery has the first UK showing of Idris Khan’s new installation The Devil’s Wall, which draws inspiration from rituals and practices of the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca that is one of the pillars of Islam and is undertaken by millions of Muslims each year.

Khan exhibits three new sculptures and a series of drawings based on an aspect of Hajj ritual. Incorporating sculpture, literary texts, drawings and photography, Khan uses repeated actions and texts in his work to explore his own Islamic heritage, making The Devil’s Wall a pilgrimage of self-discovery that can have powerful resonances for viewers experiencing the installation. Highlights from the Whitworth’s collection, selected with Idris Khan, are also on display.

This exhibition is made in partnership with the British Museum and is supported by Victoria Miro Galleryand Yvon Lambert Gallery.

 We are also very pleased to announce also that the Victoria Miro’s limited edition Idris Kahn catalogue is now on sale in the Gallery Shop priced at £20.

If you wish to reserve a copy you can contact us on 0161 275 7498


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