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Another Shop Highlight: This fabulous, interactive “Balancing Cactus” toy for ages 3+ utilises your little ones problem solving skills! Build the cactus and eco-awareness in the knowledge that all materials are sustainable and chemical – free.

11 Apr

Happy Mothers Day From All The Shop Staff. ūüėÄ

24 Mar

We have a fantastic range of unique gifts for Mother’s Day from Botanical Prints to Manchester Bee’s Wax Candles, so why not slip down and treat Mum this year?

Manchester Museum Shop Wins the Toymark Award!

21 Mar

The Manchester Museum Shop is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Toymark Award for the second year running. This is awarded by the “Let Toys Be Toys” Campaign and recognises retailers who have made an outstanding contribution to the removal of gender and sexist marketing and labelling of products in their stores. We are amongst exalted company as M&S and Next also won awards!

Fair Trade Week Has Arrived!

10 Mar

It’s Fair Trade Weeks so in keeping with the theme we take a look at Manchester Museum Shop and Fair Trade. The shop here has a long history of supporting Fair Trade from the early days of the movement, and achieved Fair Trade Status way back in March 2006 and became one of the earliest exponents in the heritage industry. As such we advised many other Museums as they aspired to the same status, and are proud to have helped in awareness and acceptance in the sector of its message. We continue to stock many innovative and new Fair Trade Ranges. Among the present offer is a range of Fair Trade Jewellery from Just Trade from Ecuador which is made from Tagua Seeds which is known as vegetable ivory as it is an environmental alternative to Ivory. Found naturally in the Amazon and worked by local families it provides income and protects the rain forest. Priced from ¬£20.00, why not take a look?

New sustainable children’s products have arrived this week. Made of responsibly sourced rubber wood by Lanka Kade they retail from ¬£2.50, a green alternative to regular pocket money offers, and the start of a new Eco Friendly child offer to launch the new look blog!

3 Mar

Watch This Space For The Re-launch Of The Manchester Museum Shop Blog Shortly!

1 Mar

Thylacines on a Friday

12 Aug

This is Travis Louie’s magnificent new take on the¬†Thylacine.

Declared extinct in 1936, thousands of unconfirmed sightings have made the beautiful animal a darling of cryptozoology. Louie’s painting is part of the¬†Lush Life Four¬†group show opening tomorrow evening at Seattle’s Roq La Rue Gallery. The exhibition also includes work by Jessica Joslin, Camille Rose Garcia, Annie Owens, Glenn Barr, and more.¬†Lush Life Four preview

Jewel Caterpillar.

15 May

A beautiful photo of the Jewel Caterpillar (Acraga coa), snapped by Gerardo Aizpuru near Cancun, and submitted to Project Noah. Be sure to click through for other views. Wow.

Photo take in a mangrove area , found this Stoning translucent caterpillar lay on a Red Mangrove tree leaf this morning early. Just can believe there is some species like this around the world. looks like made of glass whit small red mushroom inside every pic. about 3 cm long.

Jewel Caterpillar (via Geekologie)

Art Inside, Fun Outside

8 May

Danish artist¬†Jeppe Hein‚Äôs¬†‚ÄúModified Social Benches‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒ currently¬†on display¬†in De Haan, Belgium, and Bad Mergentheim, Germany ‚ÄĒ are one way to deter unwanted overnight guests…

City Sounds In London Town.

4 Apr

Last month,¬†David Byrne¬†resided for three days in a one-bedroom art space resembling a riverboat docked on the roof of Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. While participating in a residency for the project¬†A Room for London, he created a new sound installation titled¬†“Get It Away”¬†by using¬†field recording equipment to capture the city’s natural noises, which he turned into the piece.

Describing the process, Byrne said,¬†“London’s tempo is 122.86 beats per minute. It turned out that most of the sounds seemed to converge around a common rhythm. I let the sounds dictate the groove, the tempo, and then I simply played along.”