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Golden Gate Shop

18 Jun

As part of the celebration for the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge, a group of artists led by Stephanie Syjuco have set up an imaginary gift shop for the Bridge, filled with tchotchkes in the bridge’s iconic rusty orange (it’s a custom color that is generally mixed in 500-gallon batches). The tchotchkes aren’t for sale; they’re just there as an installation in celebration of that wonderful orange. Rachel Swaby covered the installation’s opening for Wired:

It’s a souvenir store with a twist. “What is the most disconcerting is that there are no images on things,” says Syjuco. Apart from that iconic orange marking each and every object, there is no branding to speak off.”

The range of products on display is also slightly absurd: Pencils, keychains, and earrings sit atop a table. An Eames chair is perched on a stand to the left. Lined up on shelves against the back wall are mugs, pillows, plate sets, and bottles of unidentified red sauce. “I tried to overdo it,” says Syjuco. “There’s wine, deodorant, car air fresheners — it gets crazy.”


Print Your Own Fabric

12 Jun

Whitworth Art Gallery Shop is proud to be collaborating with Manchester Collage on West African themed merchandise for We Face Forward. The pupil’s hand-printed fabrics have been made into iPhone covers and laptop bags and are available for sale now!

If you fancy a go at printing your own unique patterned fabrics, try this fabric printing tutorial that Karina from Maple Ash and Oakshared on Poppytalk.

No need for large screens, squeegees, and emulsion. Beautiful prints can be created with simple methods and materials. Most of the supplies are household items and the rest can be found at your local art or craft store.

Who knew that printing fabric could be so easy? Head over to Poppytalk to see the full how-to.

A Bag For Summer Days

11 Jun

In need of a designer bag on a paper budget? Hermes has you covered.

Check out this free download, as reported by former Craft editor Natalie for her blog, Coquette. You can make your own small handbag suitable for stashing and organizing small bits this summer.

Neon Dinosaur Decor

24 May

 Looking for a way to brighten up your home for summer?

How about this awesome neon dinosaur garland?  Just spray paint your favourite plastic critters, string up and enjoy! For full instructions CLICK HERE!

Awesome Tapes From Africa

16 May

Brian Shimkovitz was on a Fulbright scholarship in Ghana when he got hooked on the cassette culture of the region.

Street vendors hawked West African recordings in myriad genres, from highlife to African disco, old left-field soul to curious local pop.

Shimkovitz started a blog, Awesome Tapes from Africa, and a record label to share his passion for this music, much of which is unheard outside of West Africa.

Want to find out more about West African music in Manchester this summer? Please check out WE FACE FORWARDS!

Laser Sushi.

18 Apr

This “designer nori” laser-cut seaweed was created by the Japanese ad agency I&SBBDO for a client whose sushi-wrapper business flagged in the post-tsunami economic trough. Jeannie Huang writes,

Each pattern is meant to symbolize good fortune, happiness, and longevity, etc. and the result is a delicate, unexpected reinvention of the classic Japanese food with a modern twist. The patterns are crisp, and when incorporated into the rolls, they create a sharp contrast between the dark seaweed and the white grains of rice within. They’ve entered (and won) a number of ad/design contests for this phenomenal work.

Designer Nori: Delicate Laser Cut Seaweed Patterns

Wisteria Lane

13 Apr

 Each year, from April to May, wisteria blooms in copious amounts at Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan.

These photographs look unreal, and just a little bit magical.

Little Greene Paint @ Whitworth Art Gallery

13 Apr




Little Greene Paint Company are longtime sponsors of The Whitworth Art Gallery and their paint is used on all of our walls, but have you ever wondered which paint is used there?

The Whitworth Art Gallery Shop has produced a handy map of Little Greene locations around the gallery so you can identify paint colours and see what they  look like in a variety of locations.

The maps will be available from the shop from Wednesday 18th April.

Time for Tea.

11 Apr via Charlotte on Pinterest

Drawn Pink.

29 Mar

 This is Drawn Pink, by Anne Lindberg part of an installation at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art. In this piece Lindberg uses Eqyptian cotton thread and staples to create a larger-then-life experience. We really want to visit the piece, especially to see the time-lapse video of the incredible work.