Paper Chairs

3 Apr

Paper Chair


Artist Vincent Tomczyk creates extremely realistic looking sculptures  primarily out of paper.

I am currently working on a series of paper chairs. I am interested in how personal chairs can become over time – almost taking on the characteristics of their owners. Chairs provide a sense of dignity – from hand carved stools in Africa, to thrones in Europe. Conversely, chairs are ubiquitously a part of our public and social lives, bringing humanity together in small groups or en masse.

(Via MAKE)


A New Shop Is Coming…

27 Feb

Maximum destruction


If you have been at the Whitworth Art Gallery over the past couple of days you may have inadvertently wandered into the building site currently masquerading as our shop.

We are conducting a minor re-fit in time for the launch of Spring Season Friday, and are knee deep in demolished units and newly arrived stock. We close Thursday evening for the final push, and re-open new and improved Friday evening.

Canada: You Are Awesome.

13 Feb

Dino Coin

The Canadian Mint is releasing the second in its series of ‘Prehistoric Creature’ glow in the dark dinosaur coins, this time with the Quetzalcoatlus.

The Quetzalcoatlus isn’t technically a dinosaur; it was an ancient flying reptile belonging to the order Pterosauria the most famous of which was the Pterodactyl. This does not make the coin any less awesome.

The $30 coins are strictly limited edition, but well worth a trip to Canada.

Lego Dinosaurs Don’t Exist (Yet)

3 Jan

lego t rexThis dinosaur skeleton LEGO set is up for support on the LEGO CUUSO website  where if it reaches 10,000 supporters LEGO will review the sets for manufacture.

The Shop Elves are so excited by the prospect of building their own LEGO dinosaur they may just combust before the target is reached…

Candeliers & Happy Holidays

24 Dec

Gummy Candelier

Seasons Eatings!! As a festive treat here’s a picture of New York-based designer Kevin Champeny’s “Candelier” ; an 18″ diameter chandelier handcrafted out of more than 3,000 hand-cast acrylic gummy bear candies.

If you can afford it, you can buy the larger-sized one (31″ diameter) for $6,500.00 USD at

Scary Monsters (Super Creeps)

22 Dec

Super Creeps


A new species of spider that builds decoys of larger spiders to scare away potential predators may have been discovered in the Peruvian Amazon, according to science educator and biologist Phil Torres in a recent interview with Wired.

We don’t like spiders at the best of times; clever spiders are the stuff of our nightmares…

Festive Hand Puppets

19 Dec

hand-puppetsOur Shop Elves love a bit of DIY, and hand puppets are the perfect festive rainy afternoon activity.

If you can’t make it to our Whitworth Art Gallery Shop to buy a kit you can learn how to make your own puppets from scratch here…

Horsehead Nebula

9 Dec


The Horsehead Nebula, located approximately 1,300 to 1,500 lightyears from Earth in the constellation of Orion, is making buzz in the space news circuit after researchers at the Institute for Millimetric Radio Astronomy detected an unusually dense presence of hydrocarbon molecule C3H+—one of the smallest molecules that compose petroleum and natural gas—estimated to be 200 times more than the total amount of water on Earth.

Bad Wolf

7 Dec



Stacey Ransom has pointed us towards this delightful collection of fantastically  bad taxidermy.

It’s a trove of over stuffed big cats,  over stretched wolves and badly positioned small mammals. Our favourite might be a gruesome lions feeing scene with plenty of red paint splashed about in direct contrast to the  random domesticated rabbit in the background.

Release The Bats!

15 Nov

Ever wanted to know how animals go from a dead body to a clean museum-ready specimen?

This video from the University of Michigan traces the creation of a bat skeleton, from a fleshy dead bat in a jar, to a neat, little set of bones in a display case. It’s painstaking (and rather squishy) work.