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The Boy Who Really Really Really Loves Lizards

1 Nov

frog book


Manchester Museum is proud to present our very first children’s book!  ‘The Boy Who Really Really Really Loves Lizards‘ is the charming tale of Oliver, his love of all things reptile and a day-trip to a rather familiar location. The book has just been published especially to coincide with the re-opening of our live animals Vivarium.

Author John Hamilton is a local painter and printmaker who exhibits his work across the UK, Europe and in the USA. He recently completed an MA in Children’s Book Illustration and this is his first book.  John spends much of his spare time at the Vivarium with his son, the real-life Oliver.

The book is now readily available to purchase from the museum shop or online at: http://shop.manchestergalleries.org/the-boy-who-really-really-really-loves-lizards-by-john-hamilton-316-p.asp


You Can Never Have Too Many Squirrels.

30 Apr

Fossil Foods!

15 Apr
Photo; Simon Watson

  Photo; Simon Watson

We’re getting rather excited about the opening of our new Museum gallery Nature’s Library at the end of this month.

In preparation we thought we’d knock up some fossil cookies, as seen on Martha Stewart’s website using the new plastic bug collection in our shop. Unlike the bugs themselves, our results were delicious.

Nature’s Library opens 27th April.

Bad Wolf

7 Dec



Stacey Ransom has pointed us towards this delightful collection of fantastically  bad taxidermy.

It’s a trove of over stuffed big cats,  over stretched wolves and badly positioned small mammals. Our favourite might be a gruesome lions feeing scene with plenty of red paint splashed about in direct contrast to the  random domesticated rabbit in the background.

Release The Bats!

15 Nov

Ever wanted to know how animals go from a dead body to a clean museum-ready specimen?

This video from the University of Michigan traces the creation of a bat skeleton, from a fleshy dead bat in a jar, to a neat, little set of bones in a display case. It’s painstaking (and rather squishy) work.

The Hominids Are Coming

10 Nov

Brian Andrews has spent many years producing his striking “Hominid” images, described as “photo composites made from human and veterinary images creating hominid creatures.”

Now, these images have been animated, and the result is both beautiful and wonderfully disturbing.

Hominid is an animated teaser based on the Hominid series of photo composites by Brian Andrews. The series has been exhibited internationally, including at SIGGRAPH, in the Hong Kong Exhibition Center, and at numerous galleries. This animated teaser was produced at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. Be on the lookout for future Hominid animations.


Hominid from Brian Andrews on Vimeo.

DIY Animal Masks

1 Nov

Need ideas for half term? Halloween may be over but we think these animal masks make a great addition to anyone’s dressing up box…

Pufferfish Put A Ring On It

23 Sep

This pattern was created by a small but amorous pufferfish;

Underwater cameras showed that the artist was a small puffer fish who, using only his flapping fin, tirelessly worked day and night to carve the circular ridges. The unlikely artist – best known in Japan as a delicacy, albeit a potentially poisonous one – even takes small shells, cracks them, and lines the inner grooves of his sculpture as if decorating his piece. Further observation revealed that this “mysterious circle” was not just there to make the ocean floor look pretty. Attracted by the grooves and ridges, female puffer fish would find their way along the dark seabed to the male puffer fish where they would mate and lay eggs in the center of the circle. In fact, the scientists observed that the more ridges the circle contained, the more likely it was that the female would mate with the male. The little sea shells weren’t just in vain either. The observers believe that they serve as vital nutrients to the eggs as they hatch, and to the newborns.

The Deep Sea Mystery Circle – a love story

Breed is Coming!

13 Sep

Excellent photorealistic dog t-shirts by The Mountain are available at Amazon for around $20 in a variety of styles, er, breeds. Dog Face T-Shirts

Breed; The British And Their Dogs opens at Manchester Museum from the 6th October.

Snake Or Cake?

31 Aug


A cake made to look like a  Amelanistic Burmese Python. Amazing.

Via Laughing Squid.