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Sit, Bunny

29 Aug


Hello there.

We’ve been away a while, but it’s nice to be back.

Continuing our occasional series of ‘chairs that look like animals’ please find above a Bunny Chair for your viewing pleasure.

Hybrid Collection Chair by Merve Kahraman


Skull Bag Of The Day

27 Jul

Brian Griffin made this beautiful skull-shaped handbag, which sold on Etsy on July 1. It looks like he makes and lists them pretty regularly.

Hand formed leather skull clutch bag purse. The leather is formed and tempered to keep its shape. It also has fiberglass/resin enforcement where needed. Hand stitching finished off the borders where the 2 half’s meet. A magnetic clasp holds the skull together and it is lined with a dense felt…

I must point this out. This is first and foremost a work of art. It will hold small items but I do not advise packing it like a regular purse.

Leather Skull Purse Clutch in OxBlood

Rainbow Stairs

2 Jul

This may look like a particularly crazy paint job or some sort of custom acrylic installation, but these boldly colorful striped steps are actually just covered in vinyl tape by Scottish Artist Jim Lambie.

We love the contrast of plain white walls and psychedelic rainbow stripes almost enough to give it a go ourselves…

See more photos at mymodernmet.com

Golden Gate Shop

18 Jun

As part of the celebration for the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge, a group of artists led by Stephanie Syjuco have set up an imaginary gift shop for the Bridge, filled with tchotchkes in the bridge’s iconic rusty orange (it’s a custom color that is generally mixed in 500-gallon batches). The tchotchkes aren’t for sale; they’re just there as an installation in celebration of that wonderful orange. Rachel Swaby covered the installation’s opening for Wired:

It’s a souvenir store with a twist. “What is the most disconcerting is that there are no images on things,” says Syjuco. Apart from that iconic orange marking each and every object, there is no branding to speak off.”

The range of products on display is also slightly absurd: Pencils, keychains, and earrings sit atop a table. An Eames chair is perched on a stand to the left. Lined up on shelves against the back wall are mugs, pillows, plate sets, and bottles of unidentified red sauce. “I tried to overdo it,” says Syjuco. “There’s wine, deodorant, car air fresheners — it gets crazy.”

A Bag For Summer Days

11 Jun

In need of a designer bag on a paper budget? Hermes has you covered.

Check out this free download, as reported by former Craft editor Natalie for her blog, Coquette. You can make your own small handbag suitable for stashing and organizing small bits this summer.

Laser Sushi.

18 Apr

This “designer nori” laser-cut seaweed was created by the Japanese ad agency I&SBBDO for a client whose sushi-wrapper business flagged in the post-tsunami economic trough. Jeannie Huang writes,

Each pattern is meant to symbolize good fortune, happiness, and longevity, etc. and the result is a delicate, unexpected reinvention of the classic Japanese food with a modern twist. The patterns are crisp, and when incorporated into the rolls, they create a sharp contrast between the dark seaweed and the white grains of rice within. They’ve entered (and won) a number of ad/design contests for this phenomenal work.

Designer Nori: Delicate Laser Cut Seaweed Patterns

Wisteria Lane

13 Apr

 Each year, from April to May, wisteria blooms in copious amounts at Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan.

These photographs look unreal, and just a little bit magical.

City Sounds In London Town.

4 Apr

Last month, David Byrne resided for three days in a one-bedroom art space resembling a riverboat docked on the roof of Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. While participating in a residency for the project A Room for London, he created a new sound installation titled “Get It Away” by using field recording equipment to capture the city’s natural noises, which he turned into the piece.

Describing the process, Byrne said, “London’s tempo is 122.86 beats per minute. It turned out that most of the sounds seemed to converge around a common rhythm. I let the sounds dictate the groove, the tempo, and then I simply played along.”

Coming Soon; New Little Greene Paint

14 Mar

 Little Greene are busy preparing for the launch of the new ‘Colours of England’ card which will replace all existing Little Greene colour cards.

The new card will feature innovative flying colour chips to help would-be decorators compare and contrast colours.

Twenty six colours from the existing ‘Colours of England’
card have been removed and replaced with a combination
of old and new shades including a selection from the recently
successful Retrospectives collection.

Look out for them on the new card available in the Whitworth Art Gallery Shop from April 2012.

Idris Kahn: The Devil’s Wall.

24 Feb

 Idris Khan, The Devil’s Wall, 2011. Courtesy of Victoria Miro Gallery, London and Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York.

The Whitworth Art Gallery has the first UK showing of Idris Khan’s new installation The Devil’s Wall, which draws inspiration from rituals and practices of the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca that is one of the pillars of Islam and is undertaken by millions of Muslims each year.

Khan exhibits three new sculptures and a series of drawings based on an aspect of Hajj ritual. Incorporating sculpture, literary texts, drawings and photography, Khan uses repeated actions and texts in his work to explore his own Islamic heritage, making The Devil’s Wall a pilgrimage of self-discovery that can have powerful resonances for viewers experiencing the installation. Highlights from the Whitworth’s collection, selected with Idris Khan, are also on display.

This exhibition is made in partnership with the British Museum and is supported by Victoria Miro Galleryand Yvon Lambert Gallery.

 We are also very pleased to announce also that the Victoria Miro’s limited edition Idris Kahn catalogue is now on sale in the Gallery Shop priced at £20.

If you wish to reserve a copy you can contact us on 0161 275 7498