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Paper Chairs

3 Apr

Paper Chair


Artist Vincent Tomczyk creates extremely realistic looking sculptures  primarily out of paper.

I am currently working on a series of paper chairs. I am interested in how personal chairs can become over time – almost taking on the characteristics of their owners. Chairs provide a sense of dignity – from hand carved stools in Africa, to thrones in Europe. Conversely, chairs are ubiquitously a part of our public and social lives, bringing humanity together in small groups or en masse.

(Via MAKE)


Festive Hand Puppets

19 Dec

hand-puppetsOur Shop Elves love a bit of DIY, and hand puppets are the perfect festive rainy afternoon activity.

If you can’t make it to our Whitworth Art Gallery Shop to buy a kit you can learn how to make your own puppets from scratch here…

Geode Rings

6 Jul

The Museum Shop Elves had noticed that a number of rather cool-looking young ladies have been buying up large amounts of our amethyst geodes, clear quartz points and iron pyrite chunks. When quizzed on what we assumed was a new craze for geology we found they were in fact making jewellery out of our raw rocks.

 After a quick Google we found this tutorial on State of Unique that explains the ludicrously simple technique.

The Elves now rather fancy a go themselves, using our fossilised Orthoceras (left) to make prehistoric knuckledusters the catwalks would be proud of.

We hear extinct  nautiloid cephalopods are very next season….

Rainbow Stairs

2 Jul

This may look like a particularly crazy paint job or some sort of custom acrylic installation, but these boldly colorful striped steps are actually just covered in vinyl tape by Scottish Artist Jim Lambie.

We love the contrast of plain white walls and psychedelic rainbow stripes almost enough to give it a go ourselves…

See more photos at mymodernmet.com

Lego Bling

15 Jun

We do not know who this young man is, but he has a Lego King Tut necklace and that makes him completely awesome.

We’d like to see elaborate Egyptian-themed Lego bling become the norm for all young superstars, and look forward to Willow Smith’s inevitable Lego Nefertiti headpiece.

A Bag For Summer Days

11 Jun

In need of a designer bag on a paper budget? Hermes has you covered.

Check out this free download, as reported by former Craft editor Natalie for her blog, Coquette. You can make your own small handbag suitable for stashing and organizing small bits this summer.

Neon Dinosaur Decor

24 May

 Looking for a way to brighten up your home for summer?

How about this awesome neon dinosaur garland?  Just spray paint your favourite plastic critters, string up and enjoy! For full instructions CLICK HERE!

Birdwings for Easter.

27 Mar

 With Easter upon us we’d like to take some time to suggest something to do with kids when you’re done visiting our awesome Museum/Gallery.

Birdwings? Yup; this beautiful kids’ bird wing tutorial by  Lynn Russell of Satsuma Press is currently blowing our minds.

May we recommend a visit to the Manchester Museum’s bird gallery first for some inspiration?

For the full run-down of what the Museum has to offer over the Easter break please click here!

Platonic Solids To Brighten Up A January Day

9 Jan

 Feeling a little drab now that all the festive decor is down?

Fancy decorating with a bit of math?

Either way, this cool platonic solids garland from Mini-eco is a great crafty project. She’s provided templates for all the pieces and with just a little cutting and scoring, you’ll be on your way to your own geometry rainbow.


19 Dec

Central Saint Martins student KatyBeveridge created these amazing paper zoetrope bicycle rims as part of her third year dissertation project.

She says she was seeking to answer the question of “whether it was possible to film animation in realtime.”

The answer is a mighty beautiful ‘yes’.