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Catalogue of the Manchester shabti collection published

9 Nov


Catalogue of the Manchester shabti collection published.

Please contact the Shop for more details on 0161 2752642


Cleo Isn’t Just For Halloween!

3 Nov


Walking like an Egyptian shouldn’t just be for 31st October, so here’s a cool Cleopatra costume you can make at home with minimal fuss and no sewing machine!

Why not try it out for a visit to Manchester Museum’s newly opened Ancient Worlds gallery? To mark the centenary of the first Egypt gallery to be opened at the Museum, you can now  visit this free exhibition of three new galleries. The Museum’s extensive and diverse collection of archaeological finds explores the history of Manchester and the region, as well as ancient civilisations such as Greece, Rome & Egypt.

Lego Bling

15 Jun

We do not know who this young man is, but he has a Lego King Tut necklace and that makes him completely awesome.

We’d like to see elaborate Egyptian-themed Lego bling become the norm for all young superstars, and look forward to Willow Smith’s inevitable Lego Nefertiti headpiece.

Ever Wanted To Own A Pyramid?

26 May

 Up for sale right now in the desert of Arizona is an honest-to-goodness pyramid.

Fancy owning this 3 bedroom wonder? For $495k the dream can be yours… Just click here.

The Riqqeh Pectoral

27 Apr

This small (4.2cm wide) object has perhaps the most dramatic biography of any in the Manchester Egypt collection, and one which would not seem out of place in a Hollywood movie script. Known today as the Riqqeh Pectoral after the site at which it was discovered, this ornate chest ornament, with two loops for suspension indicating that it was worn on a necklace, is an undoubted highlight of the Manchester Museum. The piece was created using a technique termed cloisonné, in which separate gold sections are filled with semi-precious stones.
Lapis lazuli (dark blue), carnelian (red) and turquoise (blue/green) give the pectoral its colourful appearance and gem-like lustre. The reverse is chased in gold with details of the figures: two wedjat eyes (or ‘eyes of Horus’) flank a sun disk above two falcons (sometimes erroneously described as ‘crows’) on symbols for ‘gold’. The composition is arranged symmetrically around a stylised papyrus umbel suggesting a sekhem sceptre – a symbol of power. Two inward turned papyrus stalks frame the group.

A copy of the Pectoral is available in limited edition from the Museum Shop.

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