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Lego Dinosaurs Don’t Exist (Yet)

3 Jan

lego t rexThis dinosaur skeleton LEGO set is up for support on the LEGO CUUSO website  where if it reaches 10,000 supporters LEGO will review the sets for manufacture.

The Shop Elves are so excited by the prospect of building their own LEGO dinosaur they may just combust before the target is reached…


Them Bones…

5 Nov

Sometimes bones can surprise you. Sometimes teeth can tell you more than just what a subject had for lunch. At Not Exactly Rocket Science, Ed Yong writes about a new study that’s uncovered evidence about dinosaur behavior, using information stored in the dinosaurs’ teeth.

The paper suggests that the North American Camarasaurus had a seasonal migration;

Reptiles replace their teeth throughout their lives and the dinosaurs would have been no different. Whenever they drank, they incorporated oxygen atoms from the water into the enamel of their growing teeth. Different bodies of water contain different mixes of oxygen isotopes, and the dinosaurs’ enamel records a history of these blends. They were what they drank.

It’s easy enough to measure the levels of oxygen isotopes in dinosaur teeth, but you need something to compare that against. How could anyone possibly discern the levels of such isotopes in bodies of water that existed millions of years ago? Local rocks provide the answer. The oxygen also fuelled the growth of minerals like calcium carbonate (limestone), which preserve these ancient atoms just as dinosaur teeth do. If dinosaur enamel contains a different blend of oxygen to the surrounding carbonates, the place where the animal drank must be somewhere different from the place where it died.

Palaeontologists have used oxygen isotopes to infer all manner of dinosaur traits, from the fish-eating habits of spinosaurs to the hot body temperatures of sauropods to the chilly conditions endured by Chinese dinosaurs. These atoms have acted as menus and thermometers. Now, Fricke has turned them into maps.

Dino Video Of The Day

23 Aug

Raptor from Tal Moskovich on Vimeo.

You know we here at Manchester Museum Shop love our dinosaurs, so we would naturally want to show you the coolest thing we found this week;  Tal Moskovich laying some awesome toy-based visuals over Dr Alan Grant’s explanation of how raptors hunt.

Damn we love those raptors…

Dear Mr. Spielberg; Please Give The Raptors Feathers…

5 Aug

The Manchester Museum Shop Elves love nothing more than a great dinosaur film to watch with Stan during the evening when all that staff have gone home, so this week they were delighted to hear about plans for Jurassic Park 4.

We are, however, a touch worried about our  favourite franchise running out of plot before it makes it to the big screen. Enter our favourite blog Dinosaur Tracking who have thrown some intriguing ideas into the mix in an open letter to Stephen Spielberg.

Dinosaurs in the Wild West? Yellowstone Park? On Mars? Yes please! In order to help the project along, Stan would like to offer his acting services for free to Mr. Spielberg although he does concede he is starting to show his age and may need a body double for some of the close-ups…

In the meantime; Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-ray + Digital Copies)[Region Free]