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No Rain, No Rainbows.

25 Jan

 This magnificent beast is Agustina Woodgate‘s “No Rain No Rainbows,” a rug made from skinned teddybears;

‘Augustina Woodgate, an artist originally from Buenos Aires and now based in Miami, has created ‘skin rugs’, a collection of hand-sewn rugs made from the skin of donated stuffed animals. The body of each carpet is modeled after that of an authentic bear skin rug but where the series deviates from the standard form is in each tapestry having been formed from the fur several plush animal toys rather than that of a live animal. Woodgate sews each of the toys together in order to create giant floor-coverings with a varied color palate and semi-symmetrical patterning. Her collection evokes a spiritual or nostalgic reaction in the viewer as they contemplate their childhood, when the textures of the artist’s tapestry series were representative of comfort and security.

‘no rain no rainbows’ by agustina woodgate, 2011 (via Neatorama)


Fashion of the Future.

2 Dec

Planning your new winter wardrobe? This brief but wonderful 1930s newsreel predicts the future of fashion, asking “famous fashion designers” to predict the clothing of the year 2000. What they come up with is an amazing cross between Parisian Couture, the Jetsons, and Lady Gaga.

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